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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order live crawfish, but I only need about 15lbs. Can I buy a half sack?

Yes! We can order half sacks or whole sacks. .

I live far away. Do you deliver your live crawfish?

All products must be picked up at our location:

The Gainesville Farmer's Market. 

I am planning an event next month. What will live crawfish cost then?

Our crawfish is priced at market price which means that as the market fluctuates week to week, so does our price. Therefore, we cannot give an exact quote months in advance, only an estimated prediction.

I loved your boudin balls! Can I buy them to take home and cook for myself?

Yes! We offer "Take Home" products including Boudin, Boudin Balls, Gator Tail, Gulf Shrimp, and Live Crawfish that can be picked up from our food truck. Feel free to call us for availability.

What kind of events do you cater?

We cater all kinds of events such as festivals, business events, personal parties, fundraisers, motorcycle rallies, and more. We would love to cater your next event!

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